Precision, Innovation and Performance
for the indexing technology
since 1936

Original master craftman's diploma dated 1921 from Mr. Gotthilf Walter
Original master craftman's diploma dated 1921 from Mr. Gotthilf Walter
Bau des ersten Firmengebäudes 1936
construction of the first building in 1936

Dividing Heads and Rotary Tables for ultimate precision and highest loads

Founded in 1936 by Mr. Gotthilf Walter as a mould making company for the concrete industry, the company developed and adjusted their portfolio through the decades to meet the trends and demands, especially these of the machine- tool market.
Already in the early 60's WALTER has moved from the completely manual indexing units to digital readout units. From there it was only a logical step forward in the 70's to the first NC-controlled units.
With its CNC controlled Dividing Heads and Rotary Tables and customer specific solutions based on these units, GOTTHILF WALTER GMBH is one of the technology leaders in this industrial sector.

Dividing Heads „Made by WALTER“ are first-choice throughout the industry - small, medium and large companies, especially when high quality manufacturing of a complex workpiece is required.
More than 50 highly skilled and motivated personal are giving their highest possible efforts to ensure that WALTER Dividing Heads and Rotary Tables and the involved services give you already today the deciding advantage for tomorrow's needs.

Also you can profit from our know-how and our precision.


Show-room in the 1950's




Manufacturing area and apprentice training section in the 1950's.