Precise by tradition. Use our 
knowledge for your production.

Walter Precision from Gotthilf Walter GmbH

Whether as R&D Partner for the OE business or as supplier for aftermarket requirements, at Walter Präzision customer orientation is our daily business. Customer service is the base of our action.

  • R&D partner of the OE business
  • Full market coverage in the aftermarket and OE business
  • Quick and responsive service in technical and commercial issues
  • Best possible quality
  • Our target is the market leadership together with our customers and partners

Our main focus is always the customer with his needs and requirements, which we want to serve in a quick, competent and service orientated manner. We have the goal, that our products shall fulfill all the necessary requirements and shall add to a smooth production.
Circular dividing technique on the highest possible level, with precise and robust units. The A-class performance in indexing technology.